How to Hack Wifi With Fluxion

How to Hack Wifi With Fluxion

hi guys . today i am going to show you how you can hack wifi with
kali linux great tool called fluxion.  this is most used tool for wifi
hacking . now lets start how we can install and configure fluxion in
kali linux .

first of all copy this command and paste this into your linux terminal :

git clone

now let complete the downloading.

once downloading complete now write these commands one by one .

1) cd fluxion



here you might see missing these requirements.

a new terminal and copy one by one dhcpd, isc-dhcp-server, hostpad etc
all missing requirements one by one and install these manually .

ex: apt-get install dhcpd

apt-get install php-cgi ..

after installing all requirements write this command again in terminal , ./

now choose 1 and hit enter.

choose 1 and hit enter


when u see victim wifi name in the list simply press ctrl+c

now choose the number , in my case i want to hack wifi on number 2 .

choose one and press enter

now again choose one and press enter

let this path default . if you want to change then you can change this path .

now again press 1 and hit enter

choose deauth all and hit enter

wait for handshake file .which is most important. once you got the handshake file simply press 1 and hit enter

press 1 and hit enter

press 1 and hit enter

choose english , simply press one and hit enter

here all connected devices with victim wifi gonna disconnect and fake wifi with same victim wifi name will created . when the victim click on the fake wifi  ,it ask him for put password . once he enter the password ,fluxion will close all the 4 windows and show you password .

here you can see clearly we got the password .

for more we can see the password by going to our default fluxion set directory .

hurraaah ! congrats.

share this useful post with your friends .if you face any issue ask me freely in comments box . dont forget to give feedback

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